Missing You Danny

I was priviledge to see Danny minister at faith Foundation Church in Accra Ghana in 1995.
Although we did not speak on that day, his ministration with the Pals left an indelible mark on me. Several years later by true divine orchestration our paths crossed during his first visit to the United States.
My Head Pastor invited him to our Church to minister.
He did not mind playing the Keyboard for me as I led worship that day.
We became friends and our journey has continue from that day and will continue in Heaven.
Truly I can say Danny is a gentle giant both physically and spiritually.
He has blessed my family. Over these years and his memory will not fade.
I will always remember those many nights we spend composing in my basement, praying, ministering at so many programs, all the dinners and trips. They are lasting memories which I will carry forever.
A gentle giant who did not mind listening to me, asking for advice, calling me his big brother even though he is my elder.
This is quite difficult to accept, as a Man of God I trust and Believe it is the Will of God and we all have to answer to will.
Danny, CJ (the miracle Baby ) your God son says bye and cannot understand why, Edric says you should tell his Grandma Eva hi, Rosemond my Beloved and your sister is inconsolable and wants to know when she will prepare that special spinach stew again.
Your Brother Clarencio, Rev, Bishop say Fare well my friend. This hole you left will forever remain uncovered.
Miss you buddy.

Rev. Clarence D Roberts August 22, 2016

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